How to Earn Big on Slot Machines

Many people believe that winning at slot machines is simply about sheer luck. While chance plays a huge role in winning, there is also skill involved to help you go home with more than you started with. How? There are certain times that you can play which will increase your chances of hitting some of the bigger pots. Follow these tips to help you win more than you lose.

Start out with the smaller machines. The slot machines that have the best payout percentages are often located in the corners of the casino. Avoid these machines, especially the ones that use coins. Coins have a great chance of getting sucked out of the machine and losing. You want to stick with machines that use only coins.

Stay away from the machines that are near the door. Neva carsons and other wildlife are sometimes attracted to the sound of a machine spinning and knocking anything apart from itself. Avoid the one’s that seem to be inanimate while you are playing. A live wire spinning in the middle of the machine is very attractive to wildlife. Also, avoid the machines that are very near the table games or the bar or the lounge.

When playing the slots, watch out for the machines that accept only credit and non-cashiable tickets, the ones that are ‘Rtp Live Terkini‘ and the ones that keep repeating themselves (if they are not already latch shut). Do not play with these machines. They are scams and your chances of winning are very slim. Play the ones that are new and are complicated in design. Stay away from the ones that operate on springs and pressure clips. These are the easiest to cheat and the ones that will let you earn instant riches!

The machines that are behind start spinning when you push a button or move a lever or you use the lever pull option. Make sure you watch out for the ones that are not ready to be spun and you push the button yourself. These are the ones to avoid.

The machines are sometimes set to pay off at a certain percentage. These are usually percentages between 82 to 98 percent or more. If you see a machine that is setting at something like 89%, you should probably avoid it, unless, of course, you want to spend your money fast! The 72% and 85% payoffs are much better and there are more of them, so you should play those too.

These machines can be very loose and can cause you to lose a lot of money. A lot of them have been known to pay off on the first spin. Stay away from these and, if possible, seek out the high paying machines that are set off from the casino. These are much harder to cheat and it is almost impossible for people to tell if you have won or not when you are playing.

The most important rule when playing the slots is this: know when to stop. There are no guarantees and if you are losing, just walk away and try again another time. There is no excuse for not walking away when you are in the casino to stop losing, other than maybe staying for the entertainment.

Get out of your house and go to the casino to play. You are in the casino to play and not to lose. Why not stay for the shows? Seriously, you are looking for entertainment. The only way to lose at the casino is to stay and see shows. By the time you get back home you are also likely to be tired so maybe you could have a few drinks while you are playing. Slots and such are not drinks. They are equally again, entertainment. Go and find other entertainment before you go back home. Try not to drink what you have earned from the previous day. That would be a mess.

Get a good night of sleep. You might even be up quite early so that you can get to the casino in time to play. I have many friends who work for the entertainment industry and they make it their mission to see as many Casino before others do. They say their mission is to help the casino find their customers and to let the casino know what is going on so that they can give it to the people. It’s like a marketing strategy. If they cannot find you, they won’t let you in the door.

If you are going to have an exciting night of playing in the casino, get your bets down early. Put down or lay off your money and have fun in the casino. Play responsibly and have fun at the casino!

By Rosiana