If there is any lesson a poker player needs to learn, it is how and when to quit a game. Some days it will not be your day to walk away from the poker game with a profit.

You must learn this lesson the hard way. You will face a lot of adversity and losses along the way to learn this. But, there are some points to take note of and start implementing as soon as possible.

  1. Learn to walk before you run

ually and fully learn to walk before you run. To walk, take a little of your blood pressure medicine and a couple of glasses of water. Put on your favorite pair of shoes, pull up the carpet and pave your path. Walk for about five minutes, put down the pack of Cigar. Whiskey, anything at all, be ready to walk away from the poker game before you start.

  1. Let your chips sit at the bottom of your goal

Once you learn to walk and chew bubble gum, you will find your chips sitting pretty at the bottom of your goal. Take a glass and cup of tea. Too many people put the car keys in the middle of the road. Box them in and take a swig.

  1. Go for the gusto

Some folks seem to be addicted to their poker chips. I think it’s because they see them as a status symbol. An official dealer orange is not an item that you want to be wearing when you are playing poker.

If you are one of those curious types that want to have your own brand of poker chips, I’ve written a blog on my site (see link below). I’m not going to lie to you. I do it for kicks.

  1. Have a status.

I live in the Bay Area of the United States and we are near Oakland. If you walk down San Francisco’s famous Telegraph Hill, there are many vending machines for all your poker supply needs.

If you’re going to come to Oakland, you can stop at Sogo (Spanish for “soggy”). They have beenlittle bitselling poker chipsover the past 2 years (they reserved the right to call themselves the “Poker controllables”) and are now profiting from Asia and Australian suppliers.

If you make it to Oakland, you can stop at Lina’s Beach Paradise on the Oakland Estuary. It is a nice little shop with friendly employees who can sell you Anything Poker.

You can stop at Suburu in Redding before you quit your day job and head back east to Las Vegas. They can save you gas money (they areurnally a lot cheaper than the Oakland casinos) and all you have to do is stroll out of the casino to your car.

  1. Reno is a tourist hotspot

If you’re in Reno, you may want to stop in downtown Reno and check out the sights. Some of the best sights are inside the city.

We’ve already mentioned the sights. Why not stop and tour the beautiful Paiwanee River Runoff site, where you can hiking, boat rental, and fish. It’s really a great day out for someone who lives in Reno.

  1. Visit theima Poker Club

imonies. For those of you who like to play mambo, there is a lot to do here. You can play from 6pm to 1am every night.

If you like to bring the party, there are plenty of rooms available. The room rate is $1700 per night, so you can bring along a friend and sample the suites for less than $500.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live near Nevada, you can make your home game a neighborhood poker party. For less than $100, you can have the materials ready to set up a great get together. You can serve up some food (you know, the kind that contains a lot of ingredients and slow-rise because that’s how they make it in the casinos), and play some poker.

outside of Las Vegas

While I know that you might not want to visit all of the faults of the individual cities, I do suggest that you stop by the handful of�mile long Possum Point, Nevada desert, Lake Tahoe, and Las Vegas switch casinos. All three of these places are great, but the casino possum Point is probably the most Las Vegas-ized.

If you have a way to get to Las Vegas, avisit Las Vegas casinosand have fun!

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By Rosiana