How to Win at Sit and Go Poker Tournaments - Iranian Strategist

Are you crave for new challenges in poker? Can you deal better with less time to prepare? Are you ready to win at sit and go Vegas88 tournaments? If you are willing to work with a different strategy, you will have more chances of winning the competition.

Sit and go tournaments are very challenging. Most of the players there are very knowledgeable people, and very hard to spot. This competition is between you and them. How you deal with them, is your evaluate your opponents and playing style. In short, everything you can do is to sharpen your thinking, reduce distractions and prepare yourself for the choices you will have to make.

To prepare for the final part of the competition, you should work on two things first. You should analyze your opponents and their playing style. This will give you the idea of what cards your opponents would play, and what cards you need to fold to be able to play better. But be careful, as you may loose, as your opponents are using well-known tactics. Whenever you doubt the tactics of your opponents, analyze them first.

There are lots of players who show their cards after the stakes are paid out. The best way to do this, is to remember the stakes paid by your opponents, and the number of players paid out. If you have a loose player, you pay him as many times as he goes in. When you have a very tight player, the pot is not yours, but you are sure he will pay you off. After a while, you have his money. Remember that the amount at the last stages of the competition is very important. Do not think of what you are losing as nothing. This will just add to your tension and enthusiasm.

At the very beginning of the competition, when you can still pick up your belongings, do not show your cards to anybody. Players may take this as a sign that you are not ready to lose money, and not willing to reveal your strategies. It is okay to show your cards to your family and receivers, but do not show yours to everybody.

Remember the most important rule of thumb is to never bet more than you are willing to loose. Bet with tact and never do the impulsively panic and bet with big money. You will have to develop a psychological ability to play in poker tournaments in order to win money. This will require a lot of mental exercise that will re-training your brain to play in such a way that you will find it very hard to make the decisions you normally would in ordinary situations. Strategies are essential to have a chance of winning a sit and go. You could play poker without one, but the chances are very little.

The last thing I will tell you about playing in sit and go tournaments is to be prepared. In the early stages, do not be so aggressive that you lose your chips to stupid calls. In the very beginning, when you can get lottery tickets or find an extra ticket, or a friend who needs a place to stay. Staying in the game and fighting for your own survival is the best way to win. Do not think your good hands are so obviously weak. In the beginning, other players are ruling your fate.

In the very beginning, observe your opponents, especially those you are up against. Make notices about their playing styles, and remember them. You are looking fordogspoileddogs. This is where you raise with a big variety of hands so if you somehow isolate them and they prove to be better than you, at least you can end up out of the competition.

During the very beginning, you want to do only these things: place a big variety of hands, be aggressive with your big hands and do not let others bully you. Once it becomes later in the competition when you are desperate to survive in a Sit and Go (you are really low on chips) you will play more hands with less frequency. When you have a big hand, do not be afraid to play it. In a Sit and Go, to become a better player, you have to survive. Don’t shoot for the top three. Not only because you can win, but also because you will be learning much more about the game as well.

By Rosiana