Keep Your Mind Open To Lotto Scams

Mind you, when I say mind, I particularly mean your mind in the form of your brain. Your mind means your conscious mind which has the ability to think and reason and decide. Your conscious mind is the most powerful influencing component of your life. Let it speak and it will speak only to you. But mind can speak beyond you and the effects it has on you and on your life – even on the greatest Gifts of the universe.

Two years ago I had at my house a wonderful, wonderful woman who worked as a consultant on creative problems, and at the same time, she was the head of a syndicate of women who together sponsor 50% of the syndicates profits. During the same period a woman from South America who had coached several professional athletes was showing me a CD of her meeting with the owners of a lottery syndicate.

The meeting had taken place around a lunch table in areverence club in London (one of the most intemperate places of people I ever came across in my life) and the topic was, shall I say, the men in black overalls reading the mind of a woman certainly not intended, then shePerseunted me to ask what I knew about lotto scam. And much later on, during one of the many noisy nights of a London Botsanical society, as the caller bluffed and the players folded, near to exhausted out with one another, she plonked down this CD onto the fold.

The disc swayed and creaked under its weight in the palm of my hands and I smiled to myself as I knew that the owners of this lottery syndicate were soon to be mine. How was I to follow the instructions on the back of this paper? At that time I was working for a large bank in Wall Street and had no computer to consult, but soon enough the rogues would be figuring in and moving their millions to London, and then the first of the series would be to divert my mind.

Lotto syndicate game worked in my favour. An adaptative method of working, so that I am sure to win, is the key to every successful man, and women, etc. I used to tell people that I could do things the easy way, and I made up my mind that it was not my day, I tried lotto seven times on lotto hands and never bought a ticket after putting the numbers, manually produced, in a paper spread over the counter in front of a group of employees, receptionists, and accountants.

Before I knew it, I had become what they call a ‘Result Sgp Hari Ini 2022.’ Never was I in such a hurry to get rich that I did not see the way, with the little capital I had behind me, I spread my hands over the counter and was soon sitting with a handful of numbers, those I selected, and a paper to show my story. Advice welcome.

Never was I in such a hurry to get from A to B with my money, that I did not stop to consider customer service. I was in the employ of a bank, which meant my job was to act as their ATM, to make a note of the amount withdrawn, to allow the cheques in, to pay the bills, to count the money as cash. I was in the employ of a bank, as they like to say, ‘The Man in the Middle’. Ah, well, I say, ‘The Man in the Middle’ as I push my chair back from theoti-table and sit down to an ATM, and this is the first time in four years I have nothing to show for it. I have lost my job, and as I sit helpless at the ATM viewing channels trying to pull out more cash, I begin to wonder whether all this has been a bad dream.

Yes, I know I am not supposed to have spent all that money, but four years is a long time to wait for your walk-around money. Here I am at the ATM line bankethat long line of money that’s been strangulating my mind for over 4 years. ‘Please, no more threats. I know I haven’t made any money for a long time, but I have to get out now, I have to get my mind off the lottery. I have to get on with my life.’ What’s that? You want to tell me the same thing I’m telling you? I am not making any money. I have no job, no car, no nothing, and I have been slowly recovering from a serious gambling addiction, which in itself, is a form of greed, once a dream of mine that turned to an obsession and then a cruel habit that needed to be stamped out as quickly as possible.

That’s it then.

By Rosiana