Poker Strategy - 4 Simple Strategies You Can Use to Win

When you are playing against opponents that know what they are doing; you will need to use a strategy specific to your opponents so that you can beat them. Sometimes, you may be able to beat them with a trump card, but other times you will have to beat them through strategy.

A Logical Play

One of the best ways to win is to get in over your head. If you are playing in a tournament with 10 other players, and you end up with the best hand, the cost to you of playing the hand will be 10 chips. The odds of being dealt the card on either end of the hand is 1 in 10000. This means that you have a 10% chance to win the hand, or according to some systems, a 1 in 100 chance of winning.

Why would you want to do this? Well, the obvious reason is to win the hand. With a 10% chance of winning, and the payout is only 1 chip, the chips are certainly worth the risk. If you play lower pairs or suited cards, you will be better off than at a full table. You will have a better chance of winning a smaller pot, but still have a good chance of winning the hand.

While you will not win every hand, you will win enough hands to make it worth the risk to keep playing so that you can win. If you are playing for both the pot and a made hand, you can’t afford to wait for the right hand. If you do get the right hand, you will have to play it very aggressively in order to protect your hand. Doing this will make you an aggressive player, which is a good strategy to have in any Texas Hold Em poker table.

The next thing to remember is that when you are in pre-flop, you should be very cautious if you see an Ace or King on the flop. These cards, as well, have the potential to win a huge hand, so it is worth the risk to play them carefully.

You also need to watch out for connectors. When you are playing a game of limit, you may play with a maximum of 10 hit spots, but if you are playing pot limit, you could have 15 or even 20 spots. When you have a hand like 9d 7d, while holding two pair, you may want to bet the river if you are positive that you will still win the hand.

Of course, the more experienced you are the better you will be at identifying what hands you should play aggressively and which you should play more cautiously.

When you are first getting started, you will be very cautious and not want to risk a lot of chips. It is not until you gain experience, read up on other players, and experience in the lower stakes games that you will be able to play risk free. So limit your risk early on and don’t play hands that are a clear bluff.

If you really want to earn a lot of money by playing dewalive, first, you have to understand the game. If you know a lot about hold em, like many players claim to know, then you can play with a much greater advantage.

It is almost impossible to win over the long term at low limit games. If you really want to win at least some of your games, you need to play in high stakes games. Read some books, like “Super System” and learn what the great poker players do. Watch a few hours of footage of big tournaments and remember what advantages are and which hands they play. Then play away to gain the experience that will make a difference in your games.

Beginners often have many problems relating to the limits, so if it is possible to play risk free, that would be best. Play in free games and gain experience and improve your skills in low stakes games. In the high stakes games of $2, $5 and up, most of the players play significantly tighter than in the free games. Make sure you are one of them.

If you still cannot decide and/or if you have to play risk free, start playing poker risk free. First, uncheck the big all-in bets in the free games, especially in no limit games. Often, most hands are folded immediately before the flop and, after, the free games are just for post-flop play. Perhaps, you may want to take advantage of them.

Be patient and have faith in the game. Though the adrenaline rush in the risk free games is great, so is the shot of adrenaline from the risk free games. Just learn and practice the skills, the rules, and the strategies of the game, and soon you will be a champion in this game.

Take the plunge and discover the thrill of Texas hold em in a risk free game.

By Rosiana