Total Cashback - Is it a Scam

Total cashback is a term that many online poker players are not familiar with. Even though the ability to receive poker rewards is a very important aspect of poker rooms, many players believe that total cashback is not a real poker bonus. In order to understand what total cashback is and why it’s important you should understand the workings of poker bonus columns.

Online poker rooms offer many different poker bonuses. Commonly, poker bonuses include poker freerolls, deposit bonuses, sign up bonuses, reload bonuses, refer a friend bonuses and even loyalty bonuses. When you play for real money, these poker bonuses will be deducted from your poker account, but if you choose to play for points, bonuses will be credited to your account.

When you sign up with a poker room as a new player, you can choose to receive your poker bonus from the bonus column. This is where you will earn your poker bonus points. Most poker sites will not deduct the bonus from your poker account whereas some poker sites do deduct the bonus if it is over the limit. The most popular poker rooms for receiving poker bonus points are PokerStars and Full tilt poker. Both site offer a wide range of bonus offers.

Now, many poker players have targeted the online poker rooms as a source of income. Many of these players signing up have chosen to receive their bonus from the online poker room. The difference between receiving the bonus from the online poker room and receiving it from the poker room’s bonus column is that the online poker room’s bonus column averages a larger percentage of bonus referral schemes than the bonus offered by the online Vodka138 room.

Total cashback is earned by referring players to the poker room. The poker room receives a small percentage of the referred players. Actually, it is possible for players to receive cashback for referrer and for playing more than 1 table at the same time.

This means that when playing one table at a time, you can earn poker bonus points with every hand that you play, and this percentage can grow quickly. You can earn up to 600 bonus points per hour. It is not necessary for you to earn at least $30 bonus points per hour across all games. Most players do not even earn the 30 hands per hour across all games of the highest level. Because of the high level of competition on many of the online poker rooms, the rake returns for players are often higher than the amount of bonus points earned.

You can only cash out your bonus points at certain levels. The higher you go up the stakes, the more cashback you will earn. Players that are playing in tournaments will earn their bonus points faster than players that are playing in single or double table tournaments.

The cashback bonus that you earn at certain online poker rooms can be affected by which poker room you joined before. If you join a room that is later than the one in which you collect your bonus points, the bonus points that you earn will be lesser. If you usually play at the same online poker room, but you decide to play at a different poker room, you can lose the bonus points that you earned at the later poker room.


Playing poker requires a lot of patience and discipline. A good rake back bonus can go a long way in keeping the habit of playing profitable poker. A good rake back bonus can turn a bad poker day into a winning one.

By Rosiana